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Giving Voice

          Drawing all the energy to the throat chakra; that’s what a lot of my outfits are about lately, and I don’t mind saying it. It’s the area I’ve been working on – the voice. So, the mad mix of styles encourages me to use my voice whether it is through performance, visual art, fashion, or writing.  Fashion is healing, I heard years ago, but I didn’t really believe it. The Greeks are helping me understand (as well as artists like Copious!), and I am learning that there are many cultures all over the world now and in the past who understood the power of wearing your spirit on the outside.

Tibetan chupa (men’s long coat) has patterns reflecting spiritual beliefs of that village. Khadas, (ceremonial scarves) when worn have a color chosen for one of the five elements.

I also enjoy carrying with me the history of each piece. On my ears are a trip to Taxco, the once silver mining town in Mexico. I think of how much fun my mom and I had choosing jewelry. Around my neck is a gift from my mom-in-law. It so reflects her style and how she loved traveling to southeastern Asia. The pin on my lapel is my preteen obsession with everything from the 40’s. That also accounts for my picking up the vintage boy’s western shirt. My denim trench coat was given to me by a stylish friend and still has her old Louvre tickets in a pocket. We are sure she was French in another life. I carry what gives me strength and it’s from this strength that I use my voice.

Vintage blouse, jacket, jewelry. Skirt by Matty M. Boots by Hanna Anderson. Purse by Escama Studio. Photos of me by Evan Hartzell