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I Have Ideas for You


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I knew a Leo who went to a famous psychic, and the psychic said, “Everyone should listen to you. You know what’s best for them.” Of course, I was tempted to pretend that he was talking to me as well. Here is what I would like to tell pretty much everyone to do:

Get yourself a New Moon Journal and write about what you would like to accomplish in the coming month. Friday, May 6th is the next new moon. Write down your goals, your dreams for the general future, and whatever you would like to happen for yourself. I started doing this over a year ago. Sometimes I think it doesn’t work, but then I will look back, and I am amazed at how many things have happened. Thanks to Maureen, for giving me this gift of an idea.

Dress for your day. My friend, Holly helped me come up with that one, and she has been a supreme inspiration to me in fashion. Now, the Writer’s Wardrobe is a Pinterest board I share with Maureen that is the embodiment of this idea. While she is in the North and I am in the South, we did used to live together in college. One of the ways we stay in touch is through this board. I started it and added her as a “pinner” because I am a bossy Leo. The bossiness of this board is the true inspiration for the theme of this post. Oh my goddess, I love to tell people what to do. I told Maureen she had to start dressing for her day. I was the girl who used to get dressed up to clean the house. I mean, I Love Lucy was one of my favorite shows. Need I say more? When I was taking a year to write the script I am basing my graphic novel on, I had a strict cafe schedule. I had a lot of fun dressing for that beautiful sacred space of time and focus. Oooh, I really did. Now I dress for the studio where I make the images for the graphic novel. That’s Artist Wear. I do wear an apron, if you were wondering.

Look at beautiful Korean coffee houses. And then, try to find one that reminds you of beautiful Korean coffee houses (like Milk and Honey) and hang out there every once in a while. Okay, this last one is silly, but it goes along with the others in a way. What unifies my Leo commands is gosh darn it, bring more magic and sprinkle it everywhere. Be a real human. Look for beauty. I do my taxes with the best chai latte in town. I don’t believe in work. Ha. I try to make everything as enjoyable as possible. My car is a karaoke machine. Only ten minutes of pushing with the second baby, and I said, “I feel like I’ve been ripped off.” I dance while I cook. I invent games when doing something repetitive. I get this from my dad who loves arranging all the tools and discussing the different ways in which he might fix the door as much as (or more than) getting it fixed. It might be weird but it’s how I’m wired. There. Don’t I sound less bossy now?  

Oh yeah, also played a k-blamo show at Milk and Honey. Here’s a link to the song.

Blouse by Levi’s. Skirt and jacket by Maddie M. Shoes by Steve Madden. Necklace by Aristotle. Photos by Evan Hartzell.

Pacific City k-blamo!

We have this thing we do where we record a k-blamo track and then we “perform” it in front of an establishment with an interesting name. When I say interesting, I mean, well, the kind of names that are hard to believe exist. I think the whole idea for this started when we saw a new restaurant opening under the name “Oops”. Life is stranger than fiction.

photo (6)

This is the “official” k-blamo photo for The Old Crow show. You can’t see any audience members in this photo, unless you count the dog. By the way, the dog loves to chase crows, so this was a perfect show for her to come to.

photo 4 (1)

The Old Crow show was at Pacific City, a new mall in Huntington Beach where I grew up. It’s right next to the ocean. HB was called Pacific City at one time.

photo 2 (2)

Also, did you know that Huntington Beach is not only “Surf City”, but in 1993 was named “America’s Safest City”? What’s more, now it’s trying to break into the “Top Ten Dog Friendly Cities in America”.

photo 3 (1)

I had the best time thrift shopping with my girl, Maureen… and she got me this shirt. SO many times I have searched  my closet looking for this shirt and the whole time it was waiting for me at the Goodwill! Well, not the whole time.

photo 2 (3)

Daisy Doodle! I found her on youtube. Doodle obsession. Don’t know what came over me. I wasn’t even a dog person. Now I always have a baby!

A few words about jump suits. I have a thing for uniforms. Usually, that means military, but in my case it means service uniforms. I like the disguise element. But then again, I am also partial to communist scout uniforms and lab coats from around the world, so I don’t know what’s up with that. School uniforms are cool, too. Okay, fine. I am partial to all kinds of uniforms. Banksy says the easiest way to get away with something is to put on one of those reflective vests, a hard hat and carry a clip board. People just think everything is going as planned when they see that. Works every time. Not that I would know because probably the reason I love uniforms so much is because I’ve never had to wear one. The closest I came was the khaki and black dress code at Starbucks when I was just out of college. That was fun for a few months until I got a “real job”. It was the only time I was ever mistaken for a gangster girl.*

Sunglasses by Ray-ban, jumpsuit by Free People, shirt by J.Crew, shoes by Hana Anderson, earrings vintage, necklace from Arroyo Seco Mercantile. Photos by Evan Hartzell.

*No, seriously. I worked at Starbucks on Main Street in Santa Monica, went to the grassy hill above the beach on my break when all these cholas show up dressed similarly. One comes and sits right next to me. “Where you from?” she asks me. “Oh, I live right up there” I answer all Orange County (I grew up in “America’s Safest City”, after all) innocence pointing back behind me. I don’t even know if she nodded before she went back to her friends; she was so disappointed.