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Adventures Down Secret Stairways (or how to accessorize for cold weather wearing a sun dress)

Everyone should have at least one red lit in the dark photo portrait. Thanks, Evan.

This post was called “Winter Bohemian” but then it turned Spring. In L.A. we are still having some cool evenings so I am thinking a post about dressing warm in a sun dress is still relevant, right? I mean, this is an issue for me. I tend towards being cold unless I am doing yoga at least six days a week — when my circulation is really at top performance (ooh, such techy talk — “performance”!). Makes me feel like a baby having to be all bundled up in pants and a coat while all these people run around with nothing on their legs or shoulders, no goosebumps, sandals, hair up, looking so carefree and breezy . Another outstanding fwp.

We followed the directions.

About the secret staircase, though. I love the magical hidden among the mundane. That’s why I love magical businesses and headquarters that are right in front of your eyes, but that mere muggles do not detect. l also love The Borrowers for this reason and portals like the one Alice comes across in Through the Looking Glass…. So, that is where we went this cold and starry night. I was going to let my love go alone to China Town to check out a musical project of someone he kinda knew online, but once he showed me the instructions to get there, I HAD to accompany him. I was definitely not disappointed. Betalevel is a cool spot to check out music “projects”. It’s experimental. People sit in chairs and really listen to/watch performances. It is an intimate experience which took me back to the early 90’s when we used to go to all kinds of funky coffee houses to check out music and art.

Oooh, my hair looks so long and thick. Optical illusion I love.

Back to the outfit… to use a popular phrase which I do love, this is a cold weather dressing “hack”. So, here is a list of six things that can help you, too wear a sun dress in cold* weather.

•Long dress! Well, duh. And this one is longer in the back which gives it the illusion of being more breezy and light.

•Not cotton. This one is acrylic, but I also have a wool sundress. Seriously. It’s from the early 60’s. I don’t understand its existence, but how lucky am I? Anyway, if the sun dress is not cotton that really helps.

•Warm accessories. Like this acrylic, thick, super long scarf I made. I have also worn hats for warmth. In my opinion, if you put it together in a cool way in terms of size, color, shape, texture you can sneak warmers in!

•Boots. Obsessed. So, of course. Need I say more? The ones pictured are great because they are short clog boots so they go along with the illusion of not too wrapped up looking. I also love this socks with sandals thing that is popular right now. I tend to collect an array of colorful socks, so that style really works for me. My sandals are pretty flashy as well.

•Secretly warm sweater. A long sweater that is thick and edged with faux fur can be so cozy and not heavy looking. I was so excited to find how well this works. Make sure, though that the sweater has a tight weave so those icy winds don’t creep through.

•Layers. This is the most obvious hack, right? Everyone knows this one. But… it’s all about nice colors, shape, textures that go with the sun dress at hand. The layers compliment the dress. Here, I wear a thin, but warm long sleeve t shirt that wishes it was Patagonia. Also, tights. Gotta have those. Good, thick ones.

Back to the music… Here is some k-blamo music featuring a photo from this shoot. Yes, we have a youtube channel you can subscribe to now! Just click on “subscribe” and you will get an email whenever we (k-blamo) post a video.

*When I say cold, I mean it is lower than the 70’s. I know it’s funny, but come on. Lower than 70’s fahrenheit in the evening is not sun dress weather!

Dress label was removed (friend’s closet clean out!). Sweater by 21 up. Scarf homemade. T shirt by Uniqlo. Boots by Hanna Anderson.

All photos by Evan Hartzell

I Have Ideas for You


       IMG_8653 IMG_8651

I knew a Leo who went to a famous psychic, and the psychic said, “Everyone should listen to you. You know what’s best for them.” Of course, I was tempted to pretend that he was talking to me as well. Here is what I would like to tell pretty much everyone to do:

Get yourself a New Moon Journal and write about what you would like to accomplish in the coming month. Friday, May 6th is the next new moon. Write down your goals, your dreams for the general future, and whatever you would like to happen for yourself. I started doing this over a year ago. Sometimes I think it doesn’t work, but then I will look back, and I am amazed at how many things have happened. Thanks to Maureen, for giving me this gift of an idea.

Dress for your day. My friend, Holly helped me come up with that one, and she has been a supreme inspiration to me in fashion. Now, the Writer’s Wardrobe is a Pinterest board I share with Maureen that is the embodiment of this idea. While she is in the North and I am in the South, we did used to live together in college. One of the ways we stay in touch is through this board. I started it and added her as a “pinner” because I am a bossy Leo. The bossiness of this board is the true inspiration for the theme of this post. Oh my goddess, I love to tell people what to do. I told Maureen she had to start dressing for her day. I was the girl who used to get dressed up to clean the house. I mean, I Love Lucy was one of my favorite shows. Need I say more? When I was taking a year to write the script I am basing my graphic novel on, I had a strict cafe schedule. I had a lot of fun dressing for that beautiful sacred space of time and focus. Oooh, I really did. Now I dress for the studio where I make the images for the graphic novel. That’s Artist Wear. I do wear an apron, if you were wondering.

Look at beautiful Korean coffee houses. And then, try to find one that reminds you of beautiful Korean coffee houses (like Milk and Honey) and hang out there every once in a while. Okay, this last one is silly, but it goes along with the others in a way. What unifies my Leo commands is gosh darn it, bring more magic and sprinkle it everywhere. Be a real human. Look for beauty. I do my taxes with the best chai latte in town. I don’t believe in work. Ha. I try to make everything as enjoyable as possible. My car is a karaoke machine. Only ten minutes of pushing with the second baby, and I said, “I feel like I’ve been ripped off.” I dance while I cook. I invent games when doing something repetitive. I get this from my dad who loves arranging all the tools and discussing the different ways in which he might fix the door as much as (or more than) getting it fixed. It might be weird but it’s how I’m wired. There. Don’t I sound less bossy now?  

Oh yeah, also played a k-blamo show at Milk and Honey. Here’s a link to the song.

Blouse by Levi’s. Skirt and jacket by Maddie M. Shoes by Steve Madden. Necklace by Aristotle. Photos by Evan Hartzell.

Spring Bouquets – March Vogue Ads 2016

Hortensia dressing for the Pirate Ball. She knows what she has to do. It will be scary, but she is strong. Alexander McQueen.

I like to make stories up about people I don’t know. Sometimes, my children say, “Mama. Stop making up stories about people you don’t know.” These stories can move me almost to tears sometimes. Driving by the pier, “Look at them. It’s their 50th wedding anniversary, and they’re holding hands. I love them.”

Liquid red flower dress. Divine. By Michael Kors.

Some people just need more sleep, and when you need a lot of sleep – a lot of real R.E.M. – it naturally becomes one of your favorite things in the world… Carina learned a lot about herself in dream world, after all. She was a lucid dreamer, and could solve all the problems of the world while taking a nap in a vintage convertible parked under a Monterrey Pine. Her dream journal lurks in that fancy bag.

JW Anderson.

Thoughts as the photo is taken, “I was serious when I said I wasn’t going back. And you know what else? I’m going to stop telling myself I can’t sing and play bass at the same time. I mean, if I can speak four languages, I should be able to do this.”

This one I am not including because of the clothing, but because the model is not a real person!

Tetsuya Nomura and VW of Square Enix, the Japanese video game and manga creator made the model above. She is obviously holding back an energy force so dangerous it could disturb the perfect dusty rose hair color, not to mention the perfect points of her digital hair style. Oh, and we’re not letting anything get near that third eye head band.

Nancy Gonzalez handbags.

One of the most stylish people I ever knew was from Venezuela. She was in high school with me. Her haircut and coloring were basically this. I’m trying to convince my haircut guy to do this, but he doesn’t know how we are going to get the handbag to stay like that.

I have a whole Pinterest board just dedicated to the “Artist Wardrobe”. This advertisement for Armani sums it up. She’s coming out of the baths at Esalen, where between the roar of the Pacific down below and the healing waters of the natural hot springs the muse has come through. The plan for a spectacular sound installation will be put into action as soon as she gets back to her artist colony in Berlin.


I don’t think Lanvin would look good on me, but… I LOVE this ad campaign. It feels like a photo collage or house of mirrors. Her story? “My name is Helene. When I’m not working as a chef in Norway, I’m doing my street stencil art where I go by ‘Quote/Unquote’. The best dream I ever had was that I was actually listening to the entire fictitious album, ‘The Visitor’ from the film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. I was so very sad when I woke up.”

Dress by Chloè for Neiman Marcus ad.

I did a post back in 2011 about fancy painters – painters who look amazingly elegant in the studio. This young woman would fit right in. Either that, or it is some art scene drama, such as “That’s the last time you ditch me for a night with your canvases!” Oh, the art scene drama. It’s so colorful. She’s been working in a DNA lab all day and she doesn’t have time for these kinds of shenanigans.