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Tea in Fairy Tale Land


What is in that cup of mine? I did a whole blog post highlighting the beautiful way in which modern Snow White drinks her tea and coffee. Well, I thought I would share this little recipe for one of my favorite tea drinks – a homemade yerba mate latte. I make mine with soy or almond milk. It really froths up with soy. Whenever I make my own froth I feel like a kid getting away with making her own cotton candy! Yerba mate is a wonderful caffeine alternative to coffee, green or black tea.  It has a slightly bitter, astringent taste. The dark roast that I like to drink has more of a full body flavor. Sometimes the acid in coffee can bother me if I drink more than one espresso in the morning, so this is a nice, delicious taste of South American bliss for me later in the morning or day. You can search Yerba Mate’s benefits on the internet, but here is one place to get a general idea. When I am not ordering one at Venice Grind, I am making one at home with the French press, and here’s how to do it…

What you need:

One medium to large French press

1/4 cup loose yerba mate tea (I use Mate Factor organic, dark roast)

1/3 cup milk per cup of tea

a few drops of agave


Place the loose tea in your French press. Warm up about a quart of water to hot, not boiling.

IMG_5135.JPGPour hot water over tea and fill press to the top metal line.

IMG_5136.JPGWatch tea and water interact. You don’t have to do this, but it’s really pretty. I should have taken a video! Let steep for 3-5 minutes.IMG_5137.JPGI like to wrap my press in a little cocoon of kitchen towels to keep it hot. You can do this, too! Someday I am going to sew a little French press jacket to keep it warm. Maybe I’ll find fabric with French handwriting on it!

Now is the really fun part. I got this milk frother at Ikea. Froth up your hot milk, be it cow, goat, soy, almond… Soy froths really well. Just saying.


If it’s been 3-5 minutes, you get to push your press down slowly, pour yourself half a cup of tea, add a little agave if you like, and pour some frothed milk on top of that. You might even have to use a spoon to heave that thick froth on top. Decadent!

Your welcome. 😉