This is me giving photography directions to my younger son, the Artist, Aristotle. There are A LOT of outtakes like this, believe me.

My name is Laura E. Alvarez, and I am an artist who is passionate about clothes, music, writing, food, fashion, art (of course!) and loves the stories behind each of them.

My love of fashion began at a young age with my striped 70’s pants under my mom’s home made dresses. Every outfit was a costume for the character mode of the day. I also loved accompanying my mom to the fabric store to choose material and patterns for the dresses we would need for the next Mexican wedding we had to go to (oh, so many). I learned to sew when I was eight years old. I made my first outfit by myself when I was eleven (despite the repaired hole in the back from a mistake while cutting), and proudly wore it to school!.

By the time I was twelve, I was sketching clothing designs constantly. Some of these designs I would make by using a pattern and then changing it. At 16, I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing. They wanted me to graduate high school early and start college. I decided to stay in high school and took my first art class at their suggestion. The art class was their big mistake. Within a few months I was hooked on art and changed my college plans completely.

I continued wearing “costumes” to school which would elicit “fun” comments from my classmates. Whether home made or borrowed from everyone’s closet in my house, my outfits were unique and expressed who I was. At one point I made a flannel top that was like a cut off old fashioned night dress. This helped me feel like I was still in bed all day long at school. I loved it.

Through college and beyond, as I studied art and made lots of it, I continued with my passion for making clothes and putting outfits together. Eventually, the clothes found another outlet in my paintings of the Double Agent Sirvienta. This spy posing as a maid and nanny uses fashion to give her power (is that dress she is “cleaning” in Prada??), protect her (aprons that look like amour), or to hide her gadgets.

With Clothes Stories (see an earlier posts here), I was inspired by fashion blogs to try making one of my own. The narrative is strong in my art, so it makes sense that that is what intrigues me about fashion. What would you do in that outfit? What did you do? It is a fun candy land of engagement for me. It’s my television. My entertainment. To create and be entertained at the same time is pretty fun. It is also a place to share my younger son’s love of fashion. My husband’s too, for that matter. The older son, who isn’t that interested, does want to go on line to find a good t shirt with a picture of a goat on it, and that’s something isn’t it?

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