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Spring Bouquets – March Vogue Ads 2016

Hortensia dressing for the Pirate Ball. She knows what she has to do. It will be scary, but she is strong. Alexander McQueen.

I like to make stories up about people I don’t know. Sometimes, my children say, “Mama. Stop making up stories about people you don’t know.” These stories can move me almost to tears sometimes. Driving by the pier, “Look at them. It’s their 50th wedding anniversary, and they’re holding hands. I love them.”

Liquid red flower dress. Divine. By Michael Kors.

Some people just need more sleep, and when you need a lot of sleep – a lot of real R.E.M. – it naturally becomes one of your favorite things in the world… Carina learned a lot about herself in dream world, after all. She was a lucid dreamer, and could solve all the problems of the world while taking a nap in a vintage convertible parked under a Monterrey Pine. Her dream journal lurks in that fancy bag.

JW Anderson.

Thoughts as the photo is taken, “I was serious when I said I wasn’t going back. And you know what else? I’m going to stop telling myself I can’t sing and play bass at the same time. I mean, if I can speak four languages, I should be able to do this.”

This one I am not including because of the clothing, but because the model is not a real person!

Tetsuya Nomura and VW of Square Enix, the Japanese video game and manga creator made the model above. She is obviously holding back an energy force so dangerous it could disturb the perfect dusty rose hair color, not to mention the perfect points of her digital hair style. Oh, and we’re not letting anything get near that third eye head band.

Nancy Gonzalez handbags.

One of the most stylish people I ever knew was from Venezuela. She was in high school with me. Her haircut and coloring were basically this. I’m trying to convince my haircut guy to do this, but he doesn’t know how we are going to get the handbag to stay like that.

I have a whole Pinterest board just dedicated to the “Artist Wardrobe”. This advertisement for Armani sums it up. She’s coming out of the baths at Esalen, where between the roar of the Pacific down below and the healing waters of the natural hot springs the muse has come through. The plan for a spectacular sound installation will be put into action as soon as she gets back to her artist colony in Berlin.


I don’t think Lanvin would look good on me, but… I LOVE this ad campaign. It feels like a photo collage or house of mirrors. Her story? “My name is Helene. When I’m not working as a chef in Norway, I’m doing my street stencil art where I go by ‘Quote/Unquote’. The best dream I ever had was that I was actually listening to the entire fictitious album, ‘The Visitor’ from the film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. I was so very sad when I woke up.”

Dress by Chloè for Neiman Marcus ad.

I did a post back in 2011 about fancy painters – painters who look amazingly elegant in the studio. This young woman would fit right in. Either that, or it is some art scene drama, such as “That’s the last time you ditch me for a night with your canvases!” Oh, the art scene drama. It’s so colorful. She’s been working in a DNA lab all day and she doesn’t have time for these kinds of shenanigans.

Giving Voice

          Drawing all the energy to the throat chakra; that’s what a lot of my outfits are about lately, and I don’t mind saying it. It’s the area I’ve been working on – the voice. So, the mad mix of styles encourages me to use my voice whether it is through performance, visual art, fashion, or writing.  Fashion is healing, I heard years ago, but I didn’t really believe it. The Greeks are helping me understand (as well as artists like Copious!), and I am learning that there are many cultures all over the world now and in the past who understood the power of wearing your spirit on the outside.

Tibetan chupa (men’s long coat) has patterns reflecting spiritual beliefs of that village. Khadas, (ceremonial scarves) when worn have a color chosen for one of the five elements.

I also enjoy carrying with me the history of each piece. On my ears are a trip to Taxco, the once silver mining town in Mexico. I think of how much fun my mom and I had choosing jewelry. Around my neck is a gift from my mom-in-law. It so reflects her style and how she loved traveling to southeastern Asia. The pin on my lapel is my preteen obsession with everything from the 40’s. That also accounts for my picking up the vintage boy’s western shirt. My denim trench coat was given to me by a stylish friend and still has her old Louvre tickets in a pocket. We are sure she was French in another life. I carry what gives me strength and it’s from this strength that I use my voice.

Vintage blouse, jacket, jewelry. Skirt by Matty M. Boots by Hanna Anderson. Purse by Escama Studio. Photos of me by Evan Hartzell

Wear Your Art Collection



If you know me, you know that I am a non stop celebration of the Hundred Languages. Why just last night I was celebrating the language of food. I invented a Dutch goat cheese, peach, and honey quesadilla. Yes, corn tortilla. I know you were wondering. I was speaking food, and the invention perfectly fit my mood of wanting a dessert, but wanting a bit of savory as well. My family was very receptive to this spontaneous expression. It sounds like I am digressing from the above photos, but it is just that I think my synesthesia is breaking down the walls in my brain between food and fashion.

Both the artist, Copious Harvey Smith and I enjoy breaking down the walls between languages. We also both understand that each language has it’s own qualities that bring out a different aspect of the same idea. For me, my characters and stories have outfits, soundtracks and painted “storyboards”. For Copious I see how her messages of healing cross into her music, paintings, writing, and now fashion. With Lucid Designs, Copious allows art collectors to wear what they would usually collect as one of her canvases or sculptures. Artists collaborating with fashion designers has become common, but usually it is a highly literal application of the artist’s “visual quotes” onto a textile design. Instead, Copious is using the human body as a canvas for her messages. Each piece involves the thoughtful placement of symbols and words in meaningful colors. More than a message t shirt, each shirt or hoodie becomes a talisman, a healing stone, or a power animal when someone chooses the piece they need.

Gaining a quality from what you are wearing? Now we’re talking my language. Let’s just look at this one hoodie. Copious says the actual hood with the words “light” and “dark” is about “the recovery of self through claiming all parts of us in ourselves and in turn offering a reflection of either our dark or light shadows.” On the front pocket, “The bird flying represents the freedom of claiming our whole selves, and no longer being triggered by the parts of ourselves that we reject or suppress.” Oh my goodness. I’m feeling this! Reminds me of my talks with Lissa about Persephone. Seriously happy Copious speaks so many languages.

Collect one of these pieces now and benefit a great cause. See the full gallery of wearable art here!