Monthly Archives: October 2015

Color Lift


When in doubt, throw color at it.

There are so many things you can do when you need a lift. For example, I was talking to a young long distance runner who said imagining her favorite foods during a race makes her run faster. I’m sure this doesn’t work for everyone. Food might be the last thing on some people’s mind when they are fighting the urge to lose their lunch during a two mile race. But we all have certain things that just to think of them, make us feel happier. I have to say it’s all connected to the senses. And for this post, it’s all about sight. It’s all about color.

Feeling a little boring, lost, or sad? I say throw color at it. Color just makes me happy. As an artist, I love mixing colors. I love spotting a good palette whether it’s on a building, a graphic, or yes, on a salad. If this outfit was a salad, it would be a Japanese-Mexican-Chinese salad with a little Danish inspiration at it’s base. Seriously, I can’t help feeling cheerful or at least tropical when I throw on hot pink, red, and gold, on a bed of turquoise. Delicious.

Blouse homemade by my mama – Japanese cotton and 70’s sewing pattern, skirt is the bottom of a dress that was left at our house by my aunt when when she was visiting from Mexico, purse from Chinatown, Los Angeles, and shoes are by Dansko.

All photographs by Evan Hartzell.