On the Bias

on the bias



Photographs by Aristotle

Electric flower in the garden. I have so much fun dressing up… even if its just to go visit my dad with the family. It’s like I think it’s going to make me cook everybody a better dinner or something. Maybe it does! Like the music you play while cooking. Everything matters.

Simple, simple, simple cut on the bias skirt. This pattern. Not only did I use it so many times, but I taught a few friends how to sew using it. I have also made it in differing lengths. My mom even made a few for a good friend of mine back in the day. You can go pretty far with one simple pattern. It is part of what I teach at my mobile studio, Paradiso Arts.

This particular one was made using fabric that came from a store in San Francisco that was called “Scrap”. How I loved, loved that store. OMG. Just googled and found out it STILL EXISTS. I did live there in the mid-nineties, after all, so I thought of it as a product of that time. In reality, it has been going since the 70’s! Oh the treasure trove that was/is Scrap. You would walk in, they’d give you a paper bag, you’d fill it with vintage Paris postcards, amazing fabric, and formica samples and pay five dollars. I kid you not. Many of my mid-nineties paintings were made on Scrap surfaces.

The blouse came from Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. I have a strong, strong weakness for peasant blouses involving embroidery. I do not discriminate. It can be Russian, as found here on my Pinterest board, Russian Fairytales, Mexican, Hungarian (Ooooh, they make good ones!), or from the Philippenes. They can be from anywhere in the world, and I can never have enough – especially white ones. This one was just so happy. It forced me to buy it. They do a particularly good collection at Honeywood Vintage. More $$ then the thrift store find, but you can be lazy and just benefit from all their expert searching.

And the belt? My friend Keiko had a party, and had a pile of free giveaways because her friend had just moved to Europe. Now that’s how I like to put an outfit together… full of plenty of stories!

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