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Museum Meetings


IMG_3410.JPGfor museum mtg-8


 photographs by Aristotle

I am desiring a name for dressing like you are living the life you dream of.  Kylego means to act as if what you want is already or has already happened. What about extending this to your outfit?

I think I was going to teach a sewing class on the day I wore this outfit… however, I was hoping museum meetings – or MM’s for short – were in my future.  I imagine MM outfits to involve weighty interior decor fabrics. The hair is up, and the person wearing it personally knows the designer who made the jewelry they are wearing. They might even know the maker of their dress if they take meetings at MOMA. If I had red framed glasses, it would be perfection.

One maker of dresses that are MM worthy is Lucy Wild. I was lucky to have a friend who was hosting a trunk show for Lucy the other day.

Her dresses are delicious constructions which are simple, feminine, but also say, “I’m getting to work with abstract concepts and there might be projections involved.” Am I the only person who gets that from these exquisitely made-to-order dresses? Maybe it’s the northern European meets Japanese vibe I’m connecting with.


So, with my outfit, even though I was off to teach nine year olds how to make skirts, which is fulfilling in itself, I channeled MM participant, artistic director of an important program, elegant agent of change, and what happened? Well, two months later a museum got a grant that grants me many MM’s… Now, what am I going to wear to this museum meeting tomorrow?

Dress by Barneys, New York. Stone necklace by Nicole. Earrings by Mingle.